Oversized Blazers

My #ootd (or outfit of the day for those unaware of fashion blogger hashtags) from two days ago included an oversized blazer. Many of you were asking where I got it so I decided to post some recommendations on how to rock this look and where to get it.

The oversized look has been in fashion for a while now, it’s still going strong and I personally love it. I’m a big fan of oversized jackets, overcoats, sweaters… and there are so many options as to the way you can wear them and look stylish. I often wear something tight or on the short side with something oversized as I like the juxtaposition of styles. But I also like oversized everything! For example culottes with a loose blouse and mens blazer.

Below are some great options for rocking the oversized look, click the images to shop.

The Kooples Long Line Satin Blazer in Emerald. This blazer is just stunning! It also comes in blush.

Image result for the kooples long line satin blazer

This French Girl blazer from J. Crew is a bestseller for good reason, the look and feel c’est superbe! (that may be incorrectly used, I haven’t taken from in 20 years!)

Image result for French girl blazer in 365 crepe


H&M oversized blazer in tan. This one is very similar to the one I wore in my recent #ootd, if you want to see it follow my Instagram @welldressedboston for that and future looks and style inspiration!

Image result for h&m oversized jacket in tan

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Toxic Femininity


I attended an event last week held by the Love, Life Now Foundation. The sole purpose of this event was to talk about how men can help prevent domestic violence. Included were guest speakers who spoke about the foundations mission and a there was also large group of men who took a pledge to prevent domestic violence if they know or suspect that it is occurring. It was extremely moving.

One of the topics of discussion was “toxic masculinity”. A term that I have been a critic of. Let me explain, I have three young boys. I do not want them growing up to think that being masculine is toxic, just like if I had a daughter I would not want her to grow up thinking that being feminine is toxic.

However, as it was spoken about and explained at this event my opinion changed. I still think that this term should not be thrown around recklessly, but I did agree with the explanation of what it is referring to and how it should be used. Many young boys are brought up being taught that masculinity is not sensitive, emotional, kind or forgiving. Masculinity has unfortunately taken on a very “toxic” meaning within many circles of our society. The term has given men permission to be angry, disrespectful, cruel and violent toward men and women alike. It is thought that if you are a “real” man you know how to put a woman in her place with physical or emotional abuse. You are a real man if you stand up for yourself by punching someone or speaking bad of them instead of resolving things with kindness and compassion. If you do this you are weak and “not a real man”.

“Toxic masculinity” should not be a generalization about all men, but should be applied when appropriate. When a male is being “tough” by bullying or acting out violently he should be called out. This person needs to relearn what being masculine is. In our home we teach our boys to be kind, to never be a bully and to never lay a hand on anyone especially a girl! We want our boys to resolve tough situations with understanding and consideration for the other person involved. I know they aren’t perfect (nor am I!) but instilling these values is important and will help them make better decisions about their treatment of others.

Toxic Femininity

I want to talk a little about something I call “toxic femininity.” After the event last week it got me thinking more about what it means. In my opinion it doesn’t mean what I’ve seen a lot of people on social media define it as. This being a woman who stands up for herself and other women in wanting things like equal pay, better health care and the overall rights and civil liberties that men enjoy. Basically it doesn’t mean feminism, which for some reason scares a lot of folks because they think it means women are trying to push men aside when all we really want is to be treated fairly. I proudly consider myself a feminist.

In my opinion, “toxic femininity” means that you are trying detrimentally to be what society calls “beautiful” and imposing this ideology on others. I certainly  love beauty and fashion but there’s a point that it’s taken too far and becomes “toxic” to the individual trying to be what the world considers “beautiful” and “sexy”.

For example, extreme dieting, tanning, massive amounts of injections and plastic surgery. Females are constantly confronted with pictures of women that are seemingly “flawless” or what society considers “flawless”. For example the Kardashians. They are the most followed family on Instagram and some of them have had everything done from booty implants, liposuction, nose jobs, lip injections and laser hair removal EVERYWHERE. In addition, they use applications like FaceTune that completely change the look of their face and body. (Don’t get me wrong I love a good filter but I’m not changing the size of my nose!)

These images are toxic for our young girls, I know this because I speak with some young women who want to have procedures done that will give them an “hourglass figure” or a smaller, more pointy nose and curves that are naturally impossible. These young ladies are beautiful the way they are and we need to encourage that and stop following “fakers”. The more we see and appreciate women the way they are the more it will be considered beautiful to just be ourselves! Women and young girls will all be more confident about who they are and what they look like.

Do you think that “toxic femininity” exists? And if so what do you consider “toxic femininity”?

I would like to close by saying if you think that you or someone you love is experiencing abuse, physical or mental, please contact either the Love, Life, Now Foundation (617-803-8357) or the Dove Foundation (Domestic Violence Ended), 617-471-1234 or Toll Free: 1-888-314-3683.

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Sustainable Fashion

Image result for fashion and overconsumption

I watched a segment on Morning Joe yesterday where they interviewed David Wallace Wells about his new book, The Uninhabitable Earth. In it he discusses climate change, a real national crisis. As much as I love fashion, I’m well aware that us fashionistas are a part of the problem and wanted to give a few solutions.

1. Shop well made designer goods. I love Zara and H&M and I’m not telling you to stop shopping at these fast fashion houses all together, but try to make better decisions about what you’re buying and don’t buy so much of it. I was plagued by the “more is better” feeling in my twenties and have made an effort to be better about this habit as I’ve gotten older by both buying less and smarter.

I work at Saks Fifth Avenue where I’m sometimes given a hard time about how expensive things can be. And my answer to that is that it’s an investment. If you buy well made designer clothes they should last you a life time, and if you don’t want them anymore the resale value on these good is much higher than from a low-end fast fashion shop. The items we carry at Saks will be on the racks for 6 months where as at H&M they change over weekly! That’s a lot of clothes and a lot of waste!!

For example, Stella McCartney makes incredible suiting. It’s definitely an investment but will let forever and designer suiting just cannot be replicated! Not only is it well made but the tailoring phenomenal. Click image to view and shop.

Image result for Stella McCartney Japanese Tailoring One Button Blazer

2. Consignment. Instead of throwing things aways re-sell them! It’s a great option to make a little money and save the environment. Donating is a good option as well, especially for the clothing that might not sell in a consignment store. But charities get overwhelmed with donations and it’s hard for them to go through all of the donations they receive. They simply do not have the resources, so much of the items they receive go to waste anyhow.

I found a great consignment store in Boston called Covet. Check them out on Instagram where they post a lot of the new items they receive: @covetboston. 

3. What’s old is new again to the people you love so consider having a clothing swap party with your friends and family.  My sister in law through one of these parties a few years ago and I was shocked at the beautiful clothes the ladies showed up with! I scored a beautiful dress from J. Crew and even a pair of Tory Burch flats.

Statement Coats.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of really cold days. One of the things that gets me through the long winter months is the fashion. Layering cute tops with sweaters and of course the fabulous boots! On top of that great outfit you need a great statement coat. There are so many great styles to choose for this season, here are a few I found that are sure to appease anyone’s style and price point. If not, let me know and I can do a little more research to find what you are looking for: hilary@welldressedboston.com.

To view more images and shop click the images. (PS: I do make commission on products bought through my site, so thank you in advance if you do decide to purchase!)

A.L.C. Harlan Faux Fur Fuzzy Coat

Image result for A.L.C. Harlan Faux Fur Fuzzy Coat

Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat J.CREW

Image result for leopard Print Faux Fur Coat J.CREW

Beige/ Checked Double Breasted Coat. 

Double-breasted Coat - Beige/checked - Ladies | H&M US 1

Italian Melton Military Style Jacket 
Image result for Italian Melton Military Coat

Which one is your favorite?

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Valentines day gift guide for her.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. It’s simply ideas for valentines day gifts for that special person in your life. If you need to order, do it soon! And if you don’t see anything here that interests you and want some help picking out a present email me at hilary@welldressedboston.com. I’d be happy to help! (Click images to shop)

First, the classic, roses! These are from the Million Roses Collection and they  are the most beautiful, longest lasting roses you’ll find. Prices vary depending on amount, size etc. Click image to shop.

Image result for The Million Roses Heart Box

And then of course, chocolates! These made my mouth water: Love Chocolate Oreo Cookies, $35.00

Image result for Chocolate Covered Company Love Chocolate Oreo Cookies

Majorica Angel Heart Necklace, $95.00

Image result for Majorica Angel Heart and 4mm Pearl Necklace


Commes Des Garcons Play, Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt (men’s and women’s$288.00Related image

Chopard Happy Hearts Bangle, $2870.00

Image result for Chopard Happy Hearts Diamond & Red Stone Bangle

Prada Saffiano Leather Heart Key Chain, $310.00

Image result for Prada Saffiano Leather Heart Keychain


Charbonnel et. Walker, Mini Heart Box Truffle Trio, $30.00

Image result for Charbonnel et Walker Mini Heart Boxed Truffle Trio

Fucking Fabulous, or pretty much any perfume by Tom Ford. $320.00

Related image

Astley Clark Mother of Pearl and Sapphire Ring, $150

Image result for Astley Clarke 18K Goldplated Mother-of-Pearl & White Sapphire Signet Ring

Chloe, Mini Drew Leather Saddle Bag

Image result for Chloé Mini Drew Leather Saddle Bag red

David Yurman Heart Wrapped Earrings, $990.00

Image result for David Yurman 18K Gold & Diamond Heart Wrap Earrings


I hope this is helpful! And I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day whether it’s with a romantic partner or just friends, make the best of it and show love!






Getaway fashion checklist.

It’s cold out there guys! The post holiday blues have set in and now it’s below zero, or at least it feels that way. It’s the time of year when, if you’re lucky enough, you fly south for a brief (or not so brief) respite from this exhausting and depressing weather. Sometimes you need to pick up a few things for the trip, be it a swimsuit, cover-up or sundress; there are lots of options out there and it can be overwhelming. Let me help!

Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve found that are perfect for that warm weather getaway. Click the images to view and purchase.

First up, my favorite, sundresses. A must have warm weather piece. They are so versatile you can wear them anywhere from the beach with slides to dinner with strappy sandals.



Image result for Zimmermann Bowie Floral Lace Eyelet A-Line Sun Dress

Bowie Floral Lace Eyelet A-Line Sun Dress

Swim. As far as swimwear goes, I’ve really been enjoying the simplicity of current trends, like this polka dot bikini from Eberjay.


Image result for Eberjey Swim Dotty Noelle Bikini Top

Eberjey Swim
Dotty Noelle Bikini Top

Or this plain black one from Stella McCartney.


Image result for Stella McCartney Fine Lines One-Piece Swimsuit

Stella McCartney
Fine Lines One-Piece Swimsuit

Beach cover-ups. I love ones that can double as a sundress or cocktail dress, like this one from Mikoh Pakala. I would wear this to the beach or throw on my favorite pair of sneakers to go to brunch.

Image result for Mikoh Pakala Tank Coverup Dress

Pakala Tank Coverup Dress

The best part about this dress is the back…

Image result for Mikoh Pakala Tank Coverup Dress

Shorts. I love high-waisted shorts right now. So chic! This pair is from Parker and looks great with a white tank or a nice button down to dress it up.

Image result for Parker Kirby Striped Tie-Waist Shorts

Sandals. I like to have fun with my footwear so these rainbow Manolo Blahniks are perfect for that.

Image result for Manolo Blahnik Susa Snakeskin Rainbow Stripe Flats

For something more neutral that will go with anything,  these Sam Edelman slides are perfect…

Image result for Sam Edelman Bay Leather Slides

Sam Edelman
Bay Leather Slides

What am I missing? What are your “must haves” for a warm weather vacation?





Preparing for fitness success.

It’s no surprise that most New Years resolutions involve getting fit and healthy. A good way to get started is researching healthy diets, maybe signing up for a gym membership and my favorite part… shopping for new workout clothes! Sounds silly but your workout attire can increase your likelihood of getting to the gym by 52%! Ok, that’s a totally made up statistic. Nonetheless it’s absolutely true that the way you dress affects how you feel, your confidence and how much success you will have in what you are trying to accomplish. I can’t force you to get a workout in but I can recommend some pretty dope gear to get you started.

First up, bottoms. From leggings to joggers there are so many options. And the best part is they can be versatile allowing you to wear them for more than just a workout. For example I love my Spanx leggings, they’re perfect for a sleek look and booty lift to give you the confidence boost you may be requiring to get back to the gym. Plus you can dress them up with flats and an oversized shirt like you see it here… (click the image to shop)

For a fun look the Ultracor  designs are always a good pick, plus they’re one of the best compression leggings you can find giving you great circulation and comfort.

Image result for ultra high bolt leggings

Click the image to shop.

And then of course you have your joggers. I love this “paint splatter” pair by Monrow for looking comfortably cool.

Image result for monrow paint splatter joggers

On top.

I like to layer simple tanks and sports bras. Nothing crazy. I like this one by Beyond Yoga, a perfect layering piece.

Image result for Beyond Yoga All For Ties Tank Top

This velvet sports bra by Alo Yoga is so luxurious.

Image result for Alo Yoga Velvet Luxe Bra

For a fun top piece this Fila crop is perfect to wear alone or with a tank under neath.





And one must have a hoodie or two to complete the look. 🙂 I love this camo one, also by Monrow, it goes with everything.

Image result for Monrow Camo Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie

Alright that’s enough for today. I still need to get into foot wear which will require a whole other post so I’ll save that for next time.